Abraham “Abe” Foxman

Abraham (“Abe”) Foxman has worked for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) since 1965 and was named its National Director in 1987. Is 23 years long enough? Seems like a fair question. Recently, Abe Foxman was asked by an ADL supporter when he will step aside to allow for a new director that will speak to a younger generation. Mr. Foxman lashed out at the supporter and refused to answer the question.  Interstingly, he also admitted that he successfully censored twitter.com/abefoxman, a Twitter account that satired and critized Mr. Foxman’s views on the world. Interestingly, he is not enough with the times to own abefoxman.com, suggesting it may be time for newer leadership that is more in touch with a younger generation. What do you think?

Los Angeles Jewish Journal asked the same question, stating that Abe Foxman’s “prominence, for which he is well compensated — and deservedly so — may come at the expense of his organization, which is overshadowed by his presence and has yet to develop a viable succession plan.” (Why Jewish community executives make so much money, December 15, 2010).

The New York Jewish Week echoed these thoughts in an article entitled “The Two ADLs“: “Mainstream blogs for young Jews have admonished the organization, and a study by historian Jack Wertheimer suggests that the ADL’s recent actions do not resonate with most Jews under 40.”